Properties on Southern SpainBuy, sell or rent a property in southern spain

How to


Click on the “Register” button in the header menu.

Complete the simple registration (For your username you should use your company/trade name as this cannot be changed and will be displayed  alongside your listings) Click the button to send .

You will receive an email with your temporary password.  Click on the “log in” link in the email and log in with the details provided.

You should go to your Profile page.  The information you enter in the fields are used as part of your listings, So it is worthwhile completing as many as possible.

At the end of the form you MUST for security reasons change your password to something secure and memorable.

Click “Update Profile”

To Place your listing use the link on the left menu “MY LISTINGS”  (do not use “web listings”) the click “Add New Property”

The first box is important and should either be the full address of the property, (the software tries to locate the property for display on google maps) OR preferably start the Line with the TOWN then the perhaps the AREA.

For more information on preparing your photos click here but for the moment you can ignore the photos box and add your pictures later.

Complete the agents reference.

The price in Euros, numbers only the Euro sign is included automatically.

Make your selections in the other boxes.

How to get your longitude and latitude position Click here

Check the boxes on the right sidebar 

Select the category of your property

Select the location of your property

Type in as many of the features of your property as you wish but separate each one with a comma

Make your description as extensive as possible and include all of the highlights of you property

To locate your property correctly go to googlemaps and continue zooming into your location.  Next, right click on the map at the location of your property. Select What’s here? and from the box at the top of the page you can copy the longitude and latitude details and paste them into your form.


Once you have prepared your photographs for publication by reducing the size to facilitate a manageable upload (MAX size is 2MB but smaller files will load quicker and dimensions of 400 px x 266 px should be adequate.  AFTER PREPARING YOUR PHOTOS you can now the return to add photos.  Use the add photos button and follow the instructions to upload them then click on the “insert selected images” button.

The drop down menu under “My Listings” on the left menu has an  “agent photo” link open this and you can upload your company logo which should be EXACTLY 160px x 208px.

If you are not an agent please feel free to use this “Private Seller” logo.

Once you have completed the form Click the “Submit for Review” button in the publish section at the top of the right side menu.

You property will be checked and approved for publication. You can come back and edit your listing at any time